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Disinfection Services

Equipped with all the right tools, disinfectants, and procedures, our teams will attack your location and ensure a deep clean in all areas with special attention to contagion 'hot spots'. Our disinfection procedures are developed with resources from:

Truely a Safe Space

Put your mind and health at ease! Our disinfection services effectively kill all bacteria and viral pathogens in your space. By doing so, the risk of infection is significantly reduced, keeping yourself, your employees, and your clients safe. 


Image by Towfiqu barbhuiya
Disinfecting Buildings_edited.jpg

Electrostatic Disinfection Spray

Maiden's Electrostatic Spray Disinfection is a super cost effective way to safely apply COVID-19 Killing disinfectants to any facility.  


Competitive and Affordable, Maiden's Disinfecting service will allow businesses to provide its employees and customers the assurance of a safe and healthy environment.  

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