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Return to Core Values?

 Return to Core Values is not a 'tagline' - its our personal commitment to focus on providing superior customer service and increased overall value in the delivery of all our services.
Our customers trust us to consistently deliver on our promises and contribute
in our small way to their success - all at a reasonable price.  


We are an energetic and progressive business that focuses on bringing back the core values of kindness, respect and fair-trade!  This approach allows us to attract great people and offer our clients highly professional Cleaning Associates who take pride in their work and have a passion for satisfying customers.   

Our personal hands-on approach and commitment to excellence is already making believers of our quickly growing client base as they respond to our approach to Return to Core Values !

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What Sets Us Apart?

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Environmental Impact

The impact we have in our environment is something we keep in mind daily. Every little measure helps, and we are proud to do our part!

The cleaning products used are Ecologo certified and Green Product certified.


  • We utilize reusable cloths and mop heads. Dirty materials are never reused until they have been appropriately laundered. 

  • We ensure to properly dispose of waste and recyclable materials. 

  • We carpool to sites whenever possible.

Innovative Technology

Reliability, quality, and trust are vital to your decision when hiring a cleaning team. With Maiden, you will never have to worry!

We utilize today's technology and software to ensure we are always on time, exceeding standards, and staying ahead of deficiencies. You will be blown away with our new practices.

Contact us today to learn more!

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Professional Cleaners

We are extremely proud of the Maiden Services Cleaning Team we have built! 

We hire top-quality candidates, conducting thorough interviews and background checks.

Our focus on training is beyond compare. We utilize detailed videos to demonstrate techniques, proper handling, and more! 

You will have no problem placing full trust into our services.

Why us?
The Maiden Team
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8012 14 Ave NW

Edmonton, Alberta T6K 1X4



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