Business Board Room
Business Board Room

We'll keep it clean!

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Washing Window

We'll keep it clean!

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Office Floor Sweep
Office Floor Sweep

We'll keep it clean!

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Business Board Room
Business Board Room

We'll keep it clean!

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Progressive Value Driven Services

Commercial & Office

Window Washing

COVID-19 Disinfection

Move-In/Move Out

Post Construct/Reno

Commercial Carpet Cleaning





Return to Core Values?

 Return to Core Values is not a 'tagline' - its our personal commitment to focus on providing superior customer service and increased overall value in the delivery of all our services.
Our customers trust us to consistently deliver on our promises and contribute
in our small way to their success - all at a reasonable price.  


We are an energetic and progressive business that focuses on bringing back the core values of kindness, respect and fair-trade!  This approach allows us to attract great people and offer our clients highly professional Cleaning Associates who take pride in their work and have a passion for satisfying customers.   

Our personal hands-on approach and commitment to excellence is already making believers of our quickly growing client base as they respond to our approach to Return to Core Values !

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Return to Core Values 

B2B Commercial Cleaning

Office, Retail, Clinical & Institutional

  Reliable, Consistent and Cost Effective! 

A clean workplace contributes to better productivity, higher morale and reduced absenteeism.   


Through Maiden's regularly scheduled cleanings your workplace / retail space portrays a professional image while reducing germs that lead to sickness. 


Let us help create a clean and healthy workplace so you can remain focused on the other important parts of your business.  


Residential & Commercial 

Maiden's move-in/out cleaning crews can help make your premises like new, maximizing damage deposit returns and increasing the satisfaction of incoming clients/tenants.     

We cover everything from bathrooms to closets, cabinets, drawers, appliances (inside, outside, under & behind) including that  icky oven you've been meaning to clean.   


Our Move-in/Move-Out wall cleaning treatment can often eliminate the need for costly re-painting.  Finishing it off with a Maiden Carpet Steam cleaning session, and it's like you were never there.... ready for the next occupant.  


Interior and Exteior 

Whether your building is high rise or low rise, we will clean them all! Leave a good impression with streak and smudge free windows throughout your entire office space. 


We utilize a chemical free pure-water cleaning system that guarantees a sparkling clear view every time. Let us help you impress clients with the small details. 

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

  • Office, Retail & Residential Steam Cleaning

  • High Pressure/Hot Water Extraction

  • Professional Equipment & People

  • Improve the health of your work environment

  • Extend the life of your carpets

Dirt, grime germs and bacteria build up in carpets and detract from a healthy work environment and break down carpet fibers reducing the look and longevity of your carpets. 


COVID-19 Disinfection Services

  • Kill bacteria and viral pathogens 

  • Home, Office, Commercial, Retail

  • Significantly Reduce the Risk of Infection

  • All common viral touch/transfer points

  • Effective Disinfection Procedures developed with resource from: 

Equipped with all the right tools, disinfectants, and procedures, our teams will attack your location and ensure a deep clean in all areas with special attention to contagion 'hot spots'. 

What our Customer's are saying

Retail/Cinema - Regular Scheduled Cleanings

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Meet The Team

Jeanette Vandale
Director of Operations

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(780) 665-4941 ext. 300

Mylene Dancey
Director of Business

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(780) 665-4941 ext. 200

Taylor McConnell
Business Admin Manager

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(780) 665-4941 ext. 400



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